Are You Considering Window Tinting as a Business or Career ?


Window tinting is an excellent business opportunity for entrepreneurs, as it requires minimal start-up costs and offers long-term potential for growth. Automotive, Commercial and Residential Window Tinting offers a great opportunity to add additional income to an existing business or to start a completely new business. Window tinting is a high-demand, high-margin service that will bring you a reliable source of income for years to come. 


Professional Window tinting is a SKILL BASED BUSINESS and requires a specialized skill set and technical knowledge to apply the film correctly. YouTube, Udemy and online training is not a reliable or comprehensive source of information for learning window tinting. Window tinting is complex, and requires a deep understanding of materials and techniques. Without professional training, you risk making costly mistakes and damaging vehicles and homes or offices. There is only one way to learn the trade and skill and that is to be present and In Person obtain Hands On Training.


Our aim at Window Tinting Academy South Africa is to support window tinting enthusiasts, professionals, and even those just starting out in their careers. Our range of training courses is tailored around you, to meet your requirements. Our courses range from one-day, two-day, 3 day and five-day training programs..


Window Tinting Academy South Africa provides an array of training courses, towards helping you achieving a window tinting career or business that is successful and lucrative. We will provide you with the skills needed to separate yourself from the typical window tinters out there that produce sub standard workmanship. Become a true window tinting expert while being trained and tested by the industry leader. 


Window tinting is the perfect service to attract new customers, boost profits, and expand your services. Our multi-day class is designed to provide comprehensive instruction in all the skills, tools, and materials you will need to learn window tinting and start your own profitable business.


Window Tinting Academy South Africa offers hands on practical training courses where Theory and Application Processes are well covered for beginners and taken to the highest level of standards for existing Window Film Installers and Window Tinting Professionals.

Get Trained & Tested by the Window Tinting Industry Professionals

We are firm believers that to be an expert Window Film Installer, you need to be trained by Industry Professionals. Window Tinting Academy South Africa offers you Highly Skilled Tinting Professionals delivering expert tuition nation wide.


Window Tinting Academy SA's staff members and tutors have the experience, knowledge and know-how to assist you in developing, growing or critiquing your tinting skills.


All staff and tutors have the advanced skills essential to ensure a quality window tinting result, while you receive the benefit of their many years of experience that can only come from being on the tools.


Savvy entrepreneurs take advantage of Window Tinting Academy South Africa's training courses to get ahead in the game, and get the edge above competitors as they start out their venture.


Overall, window tinting is a highly profitable business opportunity for those looking to capitalize on the convenience and beauty of well-tinted windows. With growing public interest in car tints, custom window tinting for homes, offices and other buildings, entrepreneurial individuals can start a successful business from scratch. Customers are increasingly drawn to the attractive look provided by these options and are willing to spend money on this high in demand product and service. Tinted windows are highly beneficial for homes, offices and vehicles. Not only does window tinting offer aesthetically appealing results, it also effectively reduces heat, glare, fading and improves security and privacy.


Window tinting is on the rise and can be an exciting way to become your own boss while doing something you love, and there is no better time to start than now !

We Provide Training Courses at our Cape Town Facility or On Site at your Premises

Modern Teaching Methods that produce Immediate & Measurable  Results

Certificate of Competency Issued on Day of Completion

Trainer with 37 Years Industry Related Experience

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